Azimut 68 Sport

Azimut, one of our favourite yacht makes. It means luxury, it means technological advancement and knowledge, it means performance and and is at the pinaccle off italian yacht making excellence since 1969. This is one of our favourite boats to tour the Amalfi. Comfort for up to 12 guests leaving plenty of space to unwind and enjoy the sights around the coast. Luxury finishes inside and out leave all guests with an experience they will never forget

Boat Specs
Price from:
Amalfi Coast
  • €4,800.00 + 22% VAT + Fuel Cost
  • Included: Crew, Beach Towels, Snorkeling Equipment, Water, Soft Drinks, Beer, Snacks, Prosecco and Fresh Fruit
  • Mooring Fee if applicable: Capri €100, Positano €60, Napoli €55
Model: Azimut Fuel: Not Included Capacity: 12 guests Speed: 68ft
  • Front and Rear Sunbeds
  • Music System
  • Premium Luxury Finishes and Comfort
  • Luxury Indoor Entertaining Area
  • Rear Entertaining Deck and Lounges
  • Luxury Bedrooms and Bathrooms

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